About D3

Our Mission

Design, Develop, Deploy (D3) is an organization based around teaching college students about entrepreneurship and the joys of building a business from the ground up. We give hands-on experience in building a working product rather than just giving lectures and talking about theory. D3 is an application-based organization which consists of select individuals put into groups of 3-4 people (no more than 7 groups per semester). Each group is pushed to create a prototype of a product (eg: mobile app, website, or even hardware) by the end of the semester. At the end of each semester, all groups will present their products / prototypes at Demo Night. For individuals in the assigned groups there will also be workshops, guest speakers, a practice Pitch Night, a public Demo Night, and more. An ideal group/committee consists of 1-2 designers, 1-2 coders/builders, and a creative/business-savvy person. Each group will be placed with individuals who have interests similar to their own in order to help maximize the quality of each group, and the accountability of each individual. Non-group individuals are welcome to join on Demo Night, as well as any other general body meeting that D3 may host throughout the semester. Any one individual who does not get accepted during any given semester is welcome (and encouraged) to build their skills and apply the following semester. We do not discriminate against anyone; however, as this organization is application-based, we will likely accept the more passionate and driven individuals as to ensure everyone involved is committed to making their team’s product a reality.

Meet the Officers

Tsubasa Konishi

Finance (Minor in Philosophy)

Connecting Scott – A service that promotes new social interactions and creates connections in unconventional places.

Skills and Expertise

  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Finances
  • Communication


  • Reading books
  • Playing piano
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Working out

Michael Radey
Secondary Leader & Member Resources

I don’t have anything to put here because SOMEONE didn’t fill out my survey or the member guide….

Will Matz
Member Resources

Applied Physics (Computer Science and Engineering Minor)

Shindig – An iOS app to share event invitations with Snapchat.
Helm – A challenged-based hiring company.
Artificial Intelligence Artist – (Still in the works. If you’re interested, ask him about it!)

Skills and Expertise

  • Data Analytics
  • Python


  • Winemaking
  • Art
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Swimming
  • Running

Dustin Goetz

I guess someone ELSE doesn’t like filling out forms or the member guide…shame….

Nic Calhoun
Internal Affairs

Computer Science and Engineering

We Rates Games – A video game thoughts and review website.
BET – A service that allow people to place online sports and user-created bets.
Setlist – An app allowing multiple people to collaboratively queue songs to play.

Skills and Expertise

  • General Software Development Experience
  • Web Applications with MVC Design Patterns
  • Problem Identification


  • Heavily into gaming and the game industry.
  • Music Enthusiast
  • Avid movie Goer

Daniel Simpkins
Technology Resources

Computer Science and Engineering

Buckeye Battles – A 3rd person zombie horde game themed around the college.
SpoilAlert – An android app that helps people keep track of the food in their fridge and when it will expire.
BluChip – A web application aimed at teaching users about the stock market.
Policlique – A social media website focusing on bringing people to discuss social issues and politics.

Skills and Expertise

  • C/C++, Assembly, Java, Angular, and many more languages.
  • Full stack web application development.
  • Linux guru.
  • Embedded systems and network programming.
  • Project defining and planning.


  • Open-Source programming
  • Avid video game player
  • Amateur 3D artist
  • Piano playing and music writing